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What Other People are Saying…

Ciel EllisI am no longer willing to believe that my art career has to wait till some magical time in the future. I am an artist who has been working as a coach. Waiting for that day when I could justify making my art full time. During Tina Overbury‘s Live Your Best Story event on Bowen Island I reclaimed my best. My best is bringing beauty into the world through my creative mediums. Books, textiles, jewellery, and paintings. I encourage all of you to consider what you may be truly called to and what thoughts have you believe that’s not possible.  I can highly recommend this program. I know for me it has changed my life.  –-Ciel Ellis, Life Coach, Artisan and Licensed Facilitator of Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map

I rewrote my story, and the leaders helped me to do it with courage and to do it boldly. –participant, LYBS

The service, food and care was absolutely amazing.  So much love. –participant, LYBS

Deanna headshotI had been feeling lately that something was missing. My creative passion was lacking. and as an artist that’s…NOT GOOD.  And this weekend, on a mystically rainy island with an amazing group of souls I found the COLOUR in my life again. I am so very grateful for the time I took for me and to everyone who was there who did the same for themselves and in the end it became something so much more. So I say to all of you, my friends, Don’t be afraid to Live Your Best Story. We only have one story to tell… –Deanna Overland, Director, Actor, Dancer, Teacher

I enjoyed the time to objectively look at what is most fulfilling and what may need more attention.  –participant, LYBS

I felt so taken care of and seen.  You guys do an amazing job. –participant, LYBS

Rob BancroftTina has a unique ability to listen to a person’s words and hear their heart talking. I attended her first full length Live Your Best Story workshop and was struck by her skill as a facilitator. Her ability to drive to the core of an issue and apply learnings to both the personal and business realms helped me to better understand where I need balance and where I need to push for growth. –Rob Bancroft, Financial Consultant at Investors Group