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2014-02-23 13.21.20 60 sekunden trade NEXT WORKSHOP DATE:  March 3-5 2017 

anyoption paypal Live Your Best Story is a transformational weekend retreat held at Xenia, a 38 acre sanctuary nestled in the forests of Bowen Island, BC, Canada.  The retreat offers a rich variety of experiences designed to reconnect you with your life, your creativity, your instincts and intuition, your wisdom, and your potential. optionen handeln broker  

DSC_5008 cosa sono le autopzioni binarie We will: 

binäre optionen handeln demokonto WRITE – and you don’t have to be ‘good’ or experienced. 

opcje binarne strony CREATE –  stick people, doodling and masterpieces are all welcome. 

binäre optionen 1 minuten strategie SPEAK – to each other and sometimes in front of each other (it’s okay to be frightened, it’s a human thing.  Most of us tremble a bit.  It’s normal). traiding online iq option BREATHE – in nature and all that comes with earth, air, sun and stars.

الخيارات الثنائية مراجعة المغناطيس بوت BREAK BREAD and CELEBRATE – its part of how we do what we do.

köpa Viagra på gatan RETREAT – for personal time and to hear our own voice again. binäre optionen facebook LAUGH, be SILLY, be HONEST, be TEARFUL, be ALIVE

الخيارات الثنائية للدمى The weekend is all about YOU and YOUR LIVING STORY, happening right now.  

Live Your Best Story Workshop


Story is the blank page of your life that you wake up to every day.

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binäre optionen 60 sekunden demokonto What is YOUR story?   Are you living, being, and giving your BEST?This weekend retreat returns you to the center of your best so that you can l binary profit com ive, give and be your best story.  Think of ‘story’ as a metaphor for the way you show up in your life.  

Have you ever looked at your life and thought:  “You just can’t make this stuff up” – that is story.  We have multiple stories that we live out unconsciously all the time.  We have our طرق لربح المال السريع History (like our own Wikipedia of our life), our forex legalan u srbiji Present (as if we’re the main character in our own TV Show), and we have our\" fare forex investendo 1euro Future (the blank page of our unwritten story).  How we LIVE is how we understand and integrate our stories.

2015-11-07 10.41.50

opzioni binarie thiago Let’s have some fun with this…   Choose the TV Show that best captures the way you experience your life life right now.

  • Breaking Bad (good guy loses himself and then loses everything)
  • The Good Wife (naive and devoted wife decides to take her power back)
  • The Office (I work with crazy people)

    I work with crazy people...
    I work with crazy people…
  • Suits (I’m a good person doing bad things in a corrupt system)
  • Orange is the New Black (How did I get here and now what I do?)
  • Cheers (as long as there’s a spot at the bar, I’m going to be okay)
  • Walking Dead (my life feels like a zombie apocalypse)
  • Glee (except I’m not 15 anymore and I’m afraid to be happy)
  • Louie (why do bad and weird things happen to me?)
  • Game of Thrones (everyone keeps dying and fighting and conquering and stealing and lusting and lying… and… and…

How do you really LIVE?  Where is the you in YOUR life?  When was the last time you felt like you’d been at your BEST?  Are you ready to take hold of your life’s STORY?   We’re going to spend three days exploring, nurturing, listening to, and honouring your story.  This is a personal development workshop designed to awaken, or bring you back in touch with you at your best.  

Live Your Best Story Socks

All YOU in your LIFE

All LIFE in your LIVING


…and ALL LIFE as your BEST STORY 

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Whatever brought you hear, trust it, and remember that your story unfolds whether you choose to pick up the pen or not.  You are the author of your own story, and together we’re going to help you to re-engage with your self so you can let go of living as: author unknown.     

15 spots only per weekend retreat
15 spots only per weekend retreat


  • How you personally access your best.  We call these Access points.
  • The story of your Wisdom.   We call this your Inner Ceo
  •  A feeling of Peace instead of overwhelm or stuck-ness or fear when the voices in your head start talking to you.  We call this your Board.
  • A connection to nature, to wind, sun, rain, air, earth and forest.  We call this your Silent Partner
  • An experience of big, deep, restorative laughter.  We call this FUN!
  • A relationship with your creative self.  We call this your Muse.
  • A knew appreciation for SLOW and STILL Life.  We call this Listening.
  • Practical tools to bring yourself back to all that you are, even after the weekend.
  • A feeling of being honoured, treasured and belonging.
  • See yourself at your BEST.

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There are 12 SPOTS / workshop.  

Take on you.  Take on Living.  Take on Your Best in this 3 day retreat that delivers you back to your BEST.




FRIDAY6:30 REGISTRATION, 7pm START!  You can check in as early as 3pm if you’d like to come early!  If you are coming for 6:30, you need to be on the 5:30 ferry.   Finish time is when we are done!  When we start on time and we’re ALL IN then usually we complete at 11pm followed by a late night comfort food.

SATURDAY – 8:00am breakfast hall opens.  8:30-9:30am personal one on one coaching sessions.   10am START, 1pm LUNCH,  5:30 FINISH  6pm DINNER,  7pm-8pm more one on one coaching,  8:30pm OPTIONAL Story Salon (two options).  9:30pm, Free time!

SUNDAY -8:00am breakfast hall opens.  8:30-9:30am final one on one coaching sessions.  10am START, 12:00 LUNCH, 3pm FINISH!  Although you have checked out your bags by 11am, you are still welcome to enjoy the grounds until you are ready to leave after we are done at 5pm.


The Lodge
The Lodge



All accommodations are shared and cost $100/person for the two night stay.  Rooms sleep a minimum of two and a maximum of five.   You can make arrangements to sleep off-site however we’ve noticed how much richer the experience is when we’re all on site together.   All meals are included with your registration.  We cook using low to no sugar, wheat and/or dairy.  We always offer both a meat or vegetarian and gluten free options.  However, if there is something specific that you need for the weekend, please BRING YOUR OWN.

THE LODGE – 3 separate small rooms with single beds.  Located in the lodge with the central kitchen and eating area.  There is one shower and a shared bathroom.

THE STUDIO – Separate building, sleeps 4 (1 / bed), or 5 if you share the King.  Ensuite shower, toilet, sink.

MAPLE COTTAGE – Separate building, sleeps 5.  1 Queen, 4 single bunks.  Bathtub, shower, toilet and sink.

You will rest in our cozy, shared accommodations.
You will rest in our cozy, shared accommodations.

GARDEN COTTAGE – Separate building, sleeps 2.  1 Loft, 1 pull out couch (use Lodge for Washroom, shower).

CREEKSIDE COTTAGE – Separate building, sleeps 2.  1 Double, 1 Single (use Lodge for Washroom, shower).

BUDDHA HURT – Separate building, sleeps 1 or 2.  1 Queen, use of Oma for washroom, shower.

OMA YURT – Separate building, sleeps 4, 1 Double bunk and 2 singles, washroom and shower.

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$495 Early Bird (and Friends of Price)

$695 Regular Price

$795 Last minute


A PRIVATE 3 DAY WEEKEND INTENSIVE at Xenia, on beautiful Bowen Island  (we are the only guests at the centre).  You will be treated to six healthy, catered meals (specialized for most food sensitivities), and we will entertain each other during our Saturday night Writer’s Salon.  On Sunday, we complete the retreat at 3pm.  You can expect to be on the 4pm sailing home.  

If you prefer a PRIVATE cottage, please add $250 to your registration fee. (as it limits the number of participants who can take the workshop – excluding the Garden Cottage). 




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  1. Wow Tina this looks fantastic! Congratulations I am sure it will be an AMAZING Weekend!
    I know how powerful of a leader and teacher you are, your guests will gain so much… and the location, I just loved it when I was there, such a positive energy…

  2. What a wonderful location and schedule of events! This looks like just what I need to kick start my creative process after being blocked for a while. Thank you!

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